MA Program of Counseling and Guidance,NCCU

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Logo Design Philosophy

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Blue ocean symbolizes unconditional acceptance and containment. Above the ocean are the hands of the counselor and the client, which represent trust and relationship, as a pathway toward client’s inner world. The tree of life grows from heart and becomes strong.

Brief History

The NCCU Counseling and Guidance Master Degree Program was established on August 1st, 2011 with cooperation of the faculty from department of education as well as psychology. The establishment of this program is based on the reason below:

1. The urgent need for licensed/certified professionals
Since the Psychologists’ Act was passed in 2011, people have paid much more attention to the helping professions. With the increasing emphasis put on everyone’s mental health, there is urgent need for more teachers with helping profession as well as counseling psychologists.

2. The trends of pursuing dual careers
Facing the time of globalization, a person with only one career is hard to deal with multiple challenges. It is a new issue to train student to equip with dual careers.

Program Objectives

  1. To develop in the student sound knowledge of theories of counseling and guidance as well as practical counseling and guidance skills.
  2. To cultivate sound professional counselors committed to lifelong learning.
  3. To prepare individual multiple expertise as well as trans-disciplinary knowledge.
Courses and practicum provide major education in the above areas with future perspective. The program has been designed to achieve the necessary knowledge and skills to function as competent professional in the field. Students in this program will specialize in project planning, community/system-oriented work, and school guidance/community counseling with functions of development, education, and correction. In addition, some students may decide, through the course of this program, to pursue a higher degree in counseling psychology or a related field.

Program Feature

1.     Trans-Disciplinary Curriculum
Courses in both department of education and psychology are available for students in this program to take. Multiple courses include school counseling, counseling profession, clinical psychology, art psychology, dance therapy, community counseling and employee counseling.
2.     Whole Resource of NCCU
NCCU is featured its academic dominance in humanities social science. As a top university, NCCU provides students in this program with complete and best resource.
3.     Humanities as a core; science as a whole.
Students are encouraged to read the classics of counseling theory and to reflect on their own philosophy in helping others. Students also learn to actively participate national/international seminar and publish article and thesis. On the other hand, students are trained through professional internship and supervision to cultivate practical skills and abilities.